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Support You Won't Have To Beg For!

Supertitle operator begging the other brand's nerd for technical support



With Script Sign you get support from seasoned production specialists.  We speak your language.

What's more, we're not anonymous and don't just read the manual to you.  We designed Script Sign.  We use Script Sign.  No kidding.

David has a 15 year background in theater design and production.  Much of that included making sure the supertitles worked.  He started out trying to project supertitles.  Then nurse-maiding three different versions of balky electronic signs until he found Script Sign.

Dave lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

Win has a 15 year background designing captioning systems and electronics.  From DOS to Windows.®  From tubes to transistors.  From closed captioned video to supertitles.

Win lives in Washington, DC.

So when you need help, -- by name if you wish!

...We'll be there for you


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